Monday, January 01, 2007

Recipes on my to-make-list

I was searching through my blog the other night looking for a certain post, and I kept coming across things I had eaten that I wanted to try to make at home that once I had written about, I've since forgotten. Here 's what I've found this morning in my archives that I want to make in 2007.

Fruit Drizzled with Cream of Balsamic
Chop Salad a la Ruths Chris
Creole Calamari
White Bean and Chorizo Salad
Grilled Cheese and Mango Sandwich
Meatballs in Tomato and Green Olive Sauce
Tamarind and Cheese Naan Bread
Mincemeat Tarts
use Grains of Paradise, which I have read about in Cooking for Mr. Latte.
Veggie Burrito, Fish Taco, Shrimp Enchilada.
Pretty much everything in this post.


Pepper said...

Sara, do you have grains of paradise? If not I can send you some. I am getting ready for a move and am not going to use up all my spices before I go, and can't take them with me. Email me your mailing address if you would like.

Tanna said...

Very interesting list. I'm not often a list maker. I like your lists.

Sara said...

Pepper - yes, I'll email you.
Tanna - why thanks, I have such a bad memory lately that I need my lists.