Friday, August 11, 2006

Vegas Part 2

I should have told you yesterday that if you're hoping for fabulous pictures of fabulous meals, you going to be out of luck. We were rarely hungry - it was just too hot. When we were hungry we were never around anything very exciting. Go over to Sarah Janes blog. She was in Las Vegas just before us and read about her meal at Fleur de Lys, which was a beautiful looking place. NEXT TIME, I'm going to do some serious eating.

We went to the buffet for lunch at the Monte Carlo. I'm not a huge fan of buffets, as they are not usually done very well, and I just can't justify the price. Scott and I are not huge eaters, so unless it's a truly amazing buffet it's usually not worth it. This one was not worth it. The only two things I really enjoyed were the salads - a tomato salad and a pasta salad. I didn't like the beef at all. As we say around these parts, if it ain't Alberta, it ain't beef. And the rest of it was only ok. Not worth the money or the wait.
I did enjoy all of my alcoholic beverages. Scott insisted we pay extra so we could have my margarita in this plastic mug. Why, I don't know.
The crepe shop at Paris. The food here sounded great, but everytime we were around it, we weren't hungry. It's on my list for next time too.
We went all fancy for an hour and had drinks at the Bellagio. I had a Mojito and Scott had a beer. This was truly the best mojito I've ever tasted. The waitress told me they use rock sugar syrup instead of regular sugar syrup and they dusted the whole thing with powdered sugar. Totally worth $12.00 US.
Here's my straight up margarita and Scott's beer. This might make me sound like a raging alcoholic, but I really enjoyed how you can walk around everywhere and drink at the same time.
Hey! Mexican food!
Scott had a fish taco and a shrimp enchilada. His enchilada was great. I had a veggie burrito.
I always thought a macaroon was a chocolate-coconut candy until I saw stuff like this and this. I'd never actually seen this kind of macaroon before but they sold them in a bakery in the Paris hotel. Unfortunately you had to buy a box of them. But then I saw them being sold individually ($3.00 a pop!) at a shop in the Wynn Hotel. We tried a pistachio macaroon. It was good, but quite sweet.


peabody said...

Oh yeah, there are so many great places to eat in Vegas, but I understand how hot it is this time of year....I lived in Phoenix most my life.

Pam said...

Sara looks like you had a wonderful time, Vegas looks amazing!!

Sara said...

It was great! Everyone should go. And take me with them.