Saturday, October 20, 2018

Book Club - China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan

"....anyone with a willing heart can be born again."

"Now breathe in the air.  Can't you just feel the good Chi flowing everywhere?"
Nick could only detect a faint scent that reminded him of Febreze, but he nodded along with Rachel and Carlton.

Astrid wandered down an overgrown path into a deeper part of the woods, passing long creepers dangling from the limbs of towering rain trees and old graves covered in moss.  Birds cackled loudly in the trees overhead, and small butterflies darted in and out of gigantic ferns.


For the Summer Reading Club - still posting books I did actually read in the Summer.  Even though the movie for this book is not out yet, it's planned, so I'm using this for the Adapted into a Movie category.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Sunday dinner Italian Slab Pie

I made this slab pie in the Summer and while there is nothing wrong with that at all, now that the days and nights are cooler and darker it makes me think that this would be a lovely Fall dish too although really it's just a darn good recipe to eat any time at all.

I didn't make our pie spicy as the kids and The Grandpa aren't spice fans and I subbed the fennel for celery and it was a huge hit, especially with The Grandpa who took home extra leftovers, so that means this is definitely a make again.

I'm in a soup phase right now with the suddenly cooler days  - this creamy potato soup is a favorite around here and also some onion soup to use up some delicious farmers market onions.  I don't often follow a recipe when i make onion soup but I always make cheesy croutons to top with .

Friday, October 05, 2018

Monday, October 01, 2018

Book Club - Things I WIsh I Knew Before My Mom Died by Ty Alexander

"No one tells you that your normal life is gone."

"Don't fight it.  Grief is now a part of you.'

"It's so cliched to say, but there really is someone out there who's worse off than you.  And there's someone else worse off than them.  And then there's someone else worse off than them."

"Everything we say, or think, has the potential to either heal us or harm us."

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Sunday Dinner - Gumbo

I am not a big seafood fan but the rest of the fam likes it, so lately I've been trying to add more of it to our menu for them.  I found this recipe at Food 52 and I do like Gumbo so I made it for a Sunday Dinner.

There are 2 pretty big changes I made to the recipe - I used baby shrimp instead of the medium shrimp called for.  I don't mind baby shrimp and they are so cute looking floating around in a soup.
Anyway, back when I found this recipe we were actually having shrimp for dinner that night so I saved the shells and froze them, so I already had the shells to make the stock which made the decision to use the baby shrimp and easy one.

The other change I did was to use 1 1/2 times of all the ingredients except the shrimp and the rice, to make it a bit more soupy, the way we like it, and to stretch it a bit further.  It was a good choice.

This was an excellent meal and even though The Grandpa and The Mister were a bit skeptical ("You mean there's no okra?  It isn't a gumbo if you don't use okra!" and "What kind of sausage are you using?  No sausage?  OH.") THEY LOVED IT TOO.

Very very delicious recipe here - Shrimp Gumbo