Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Christmas Baking and other stuff.

I whipped out the new Kitchen Aid mixer on the weekend and did some baking to give away for Christmas. I made whipped shortbread, raisin cookies, java bark (chocolate bark with espresso powder mixed in), and my version of cowboy crunch (peanuts and graham crackers covered with milk and white chocolate).

Scott took ALL the raisin cookies to work, so I have to make more tomorrow. We also made Antipasto a few weekends ago - it turned out excellent. I will be giving some of that away as well to my favorite co-workers. Scott is guarding the anitpasto supply jealously, making sure I don't give too much away. Yeah, he better be careful, there's only 15 jars left! He may be out by the new year. Actually, the way he's been eating it, he could be.

I am working on my food menu for the Christmas holidays as well, as we are having company. I am definitely making crab cakes on Christmas Eve, of course there will be turkey on the 25th. I tried to convince everyone that we should have ham, but they are traditionalists, and want the bird. We also got a new BBQ this weekend, as our old one couldn't make it thru a bad wind storm we had a few weeks ago, and took a header off the balcony, where it landed, not only bent, but in pieces. This is my new bbq. Although mine does not look like this, it looks like a giant cardboard box that nearly killed me when we pulled it out of our car. I appreciate the heaviness and sturdiness of a good bbq, but not when I have to carry it around.

Anyhoo, we are also going to have tenderloin steaks and my version of the Ruth's Chris chop salad. I have made it 3 times since we got back from our trip, and it just gets better and better. That's what I have for the menu so far, but there are lots of meals that I still need to fill in. One thing I don't need to worry about is dessert - 2 presents I have received at work this Christmas - a huge box of Bernard Callebaut chocolates, and also a great big Tortuga Rum Cake.
A very merry Christmas indeed!

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