Friday, June 02, 2006

Afternoon Delight

Look what's sitting in my office this afternoon - a shoebox of mincemeat tarts! brought in for the staff. Words can't describe how happy I am. I haven't had a good mincemeat tart in years. Too bad my boss keeps sneaking in here to eat more than his fair share.


Chelle said...

Well, I wish I could say mmmmmm....but unfortunately I NEVER liked mincedmeat! My grandfather used to make tarts and pies all the time...blech! lol I do think that is a Canadian thing though. I have lived in the states for a number of years and no one makes minced meat pies or anything. Weird eh? Oh yeah...btw...I am Canadian...NB born and raised :)

Just poppiing in to say hi! :)

Ivonne said...

You have no choice but to eat them all yourself ... it's a tough job but I think you can handle it, Sara!


it's only fuel said...

I've never had mincemeat before, I'm a little bit scared of it. Your boss is naughty!

Sara said...

chelle - thanks for dropping by! i love to hear from fellow canadians.

ivonne - unfortunatly, i only got 2. i think my boss ate more than everyone else combined.

iof - you don't know what you're missing! it's not the scary old fashioned mincemeat that was actually made from meat (which i've had), but just rasins, pears and stuff. and yes, my boss is terrible when it comes to food. he'll eat anything, especially if it's not meant for him.