Sunday, August 01, 2021

parmesan cheese and pesto

 I bought a little container of parmesan cheese pieces from the store (Fresh Street Market!) for $3, brought it home and whizzed them up in my food processor.  My food processor jumped and clanked and I thought it was going to burst apart, but eventually it whizzed the parmesan into teeny pebbles of cheesy goodness.

I put it on the table next to the tomato basil bread (The Mister's first bake from Grandma Today)


Next I used the food processor to make a batch of Winter Pesto from the Urban Vegan cookbook - I was actually a recipe tester for the cookbook; you can see some of my test results here and here .

This pesto is one of my favorite recipes of hers - instead of basil and pine nuts she uses spinach and walnuts!  So delicious.  My garlic was incredibly bitey in the finished dish, so I stirred in a couple of spoons of the parmesan to try to tone it down.  If you were keeping it vegan you could use some nutritional yeast - and it was delicious.  We tossed it with ravioli for a quick dinner.  The next day the garlic had mellowed a bit and it was even better.  I smeared it on some toast and topped it with tomato slices.  Super good.

Recipe: Winter pesto