Saturday, January 09, 2021

2020 book club review


 In 2020 I read 41 books.  

Memoirs by female authors - 5
Memoirs by male authors - 1

Non-fiction by female authors -5
Non-fiction by male authors -2

Fiction by female authors -22
Fiction by male authors -6
Audio books -0

The one that made me cry the most - Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies
The one that made me want to travel to the Great Bear Rainforest for small towns and Sasquatches - In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond
The one that made me uncomfortable - Little Fires Everywhere 
The one that would make a great movie - My Sister, the Serial Killer
The one that made me jumpy and turn on all the lights - The Hunger 

Here's how that compares to the past few years -
51 books in 2019 - 9 audiobooks

48 books in 2018

41 books in 2017

26 books in 2016

 If you take away the audiobooks from 2019 I came out pretty much even with last year.  I could have read more books this year but working lots and plenty of staring off into space contemplating this year kept me busy.  

I don't have the same big stack of unread fiction books waiting for me in 2021 that I've had in past years, and I've got a lot of yoga/diet/nutrition/self help books laying around that I should either read or get rid of, and I'd realllllly like to pull myself out of this years long slump I'm in physically and emotionally, so it could be good to get into some of those.