Sunday, January 10, 2021

goodies and Christmas

 I was very lucky to receive a lovely bunch of books for Christmas - 

I am very excited about all of them, and I'm sure The Mister was smirking when he heard me on the phone saying how much I love Mexican food and I should cook some soon.  I am looking forward to the Instant pot books as well, anything that can help me cut down on my time in the kitchen is more than welcome.

We binged watched Nadiya Hussain's Netflix show Time to Eat last month, and enjoyed it very very much, and I went online and bookmarked a bunch of recipes to try, including her savory french toast recipe which we've made twice and is so delicious -

 Once I unwrapped Time to Eat, The Mister practically ripped it out of my hands and ran to the kitchen to bake the Olive and Rosemary Crown, with blue cheese inside.  One of the best breads he's baked lately.

We had a traditional dinner again this Christmas, turkey and veg and the fixins.

Mince tarts for dessert, using the wonderful tart dough from 100 Breads.

 With some of the leftover turkey we made Turkey Tetrazzini.  So delicious!  Makes a ton!

Our first dessert of 2021 was the Post Secret Apple Cream Pie.  Delicious, but very sweet.  


Hope 2021 to a start?  The last week has already been full of ridiculous news.  Deep breaths.