Friday, April 17, 2020

Cookbook Cleanup Book 16 - In My Mother's Kitchen

In My Mother's Kitchen by Trish Magwood is the 16th book in this here Cookbook Cleanup.  I bought it on a whim from the sale table at Chapters and as soon as I opened it I was both intimidated and in love with it.

This book has it all - lovely photos, not a lot of chatter, and wonderful recipes.

We tried 8 recipes from the book and I wanted to go on and on, there is so much good stuff in here.
Breakfasts, soups, salads, pastas, main dishes, desserts.  

I started out with 2 dessert recipes - first, Mardi's Shortbread, a good basic recipe that made a ton of delicious cookies.
I also made the Strawberry Angel Dessert - an angel food cake/jello combo that the book says is soooooo good - it was easy enough but none of us were super big fans of the soggy cake.  I was going to take some to work to share but I didn't have enough whipped cream to cover the whole cake and it looked absolutely hideous.  Not one for us.

We tried 3 chicken recipes - Thai Chicken with Peanut Sauce, which we all loved, Korean Chicken Thighs, also delicious, and Jamaican Shediac Cape Curry - more labour intensive than marinating and grilling the first 2 recipes, but also a real winner.

The Friday Night Burgers were fine, we didn't find them super flavorful, but they were fine.

Next was the Soy and Honey Sweet Potatos.  
Please enjoy this photo of me using the wrong sized bowl for my potatos.

And here they are on my plate.  I used a combo of sweet and regular potatos because that's what I had.  The Mister and I both loved these, me the most.  The kids were meh on them, but I belive we've already established they can't be trusted.

Lastly I made the chocolate chip cookies because when I was writing out this review I realized I hadn't made the chocolate chip cookie recipe in the book and I couldn't review until we'd tried them.

My verdict is that I truly love this book.  There is so much variety and interesting things just waiting to be tried.  There are definitely a few more chicken recipes I was to try and a maple pork tenderloin, and too many others to be named here.  If you see this book - GET IT!

Cookbook Cleanup results so far - Bookshelf - 9  Donated - 7