Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Adult Summer Reading Club

If you're a fan of reading, you might want to check out the Adult Summer Reading Club at the TNRD Library.
It runs until the end of the summer with some great prizes.

While there is no way I could come close to completing the list by the end of the summer, I will be taking it on as a longer term project.  I had fun reading the categories and thinking of books I've got to read that would fit in.

You can see all the rules here.

Big THANKS to the always entertaining and informative A.L. Smithey for posting about this cool event.

The categories are:
  • A graphic novel 
  • By a female author 
  • Romance 
  • An Autobiography or Memoir 
  • Published in the decade you were born 
  • Out of your comfort zone 
  • An award winner 
  • Adapted into a movie (Watch the movie too) 
  • Recommended by a friend 
  • An overdrive E-book or E-audiobook 
  • Has more than 500 pages 
  • By a BC author 
  • A book “everyone” has read 
  • By a person of colour 
  • A magazine on Zinio 
  • Published this year (2016) 
  • Science Fiction or Fantasy 
  • Juvenile or Young Adult
Make sure you check out the booklet that you need to fill out (and color!) -it's super cool.