Thursday, March 03, 2016

Instagram - 70 books reviewed

We are now up to70 cookbooks reviewed, and 54 have been returned to the shelf.

8 additional books scooted out the door untested:

A Spanish cookbook that I've held onto for years.  When I bought it I cooked one recipe out of it that wasn't great,so I don't know why I've kept it.

2 Rachael Ray 30 Minute books.

A super healthy cookbook with alkaline balancing and soaked cashews and probiotics, and I'm too tired for so many steps and effort.

A Cooking Light book from the dollar store.

Also from the dollar store - a Food and Wine book that was just too darn fancy for us.

An old Emeril Legasse book picked up at a book sale.

A beginners cookbook also from a book sale.