Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chimichurri Rolls

There are certain websites that I just have to check everyday. The news, the weather (spring! come back!), twitter are a couple of them, and now Bakers' Banter, the blog from King Arthur Flour has moved from me checking it a couple of times a week to clicking every morning, and being bummed when there's not a new post to read.

I have become a lot more comfortable and successful with bread making and while I'm not going to be whipping up my own bread recipes any time soon, I am enjoying trying new recipes, like this one from King Arthur, Chimichurri Rolls. I liked the sound of the flavors in the buns - vinegar, garlic, oregano, and french fried onions, which I happened to have half a can of in my fridge. I also liked this recipe because you mixed the dough in your bread maker, and then bake the buns in the oven. I've never used my bread machine for only mixing dough.

It's obvious from my little mis-shapen buns I need more work on my shaping technique. When it comes time to divide the dough and shape I'm afraid of working the dough too much. Anyone got tips?

These were good, although I was disappointed that the only flavor the we could taste was the oregano. The garlic and onions were nowhere to be found.

These were great little sandwich buns and they also went well with some pasta we had, carrying on the oregano flavor. If I made these again I would play around with the seasoning amounts and try to coax the garlic and onion flavors more to the front.


Make sure you pop back over to see me on Sunday March 15! That is this months posting date for the Bread Baking Babes and it was my month to choose the recipe. What did I choose? Come back in a few days.......


If you are a fan of good, healthy store bought bread, check out my new "Favorite Things" column in my sidebar. The very nice people from Dempsters sent me some coupons for their new Healthy Way bread, and we loved it.


Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

I can't give you "bun advice" because I don't bake, but even thought they are not perfectly formed, they look good! An oregano bun sounds yum-o.

Karen Baking Soda said...

Love the color on your buns! So that's more onions and more garlic next time?
Shaping buns can be tricky; cup your hand lightly over the ball of dough, make small circular movements, using the friction of the counter against the dough ball to shape. The only part of the dough that should feel the friction is the underside of the dough touching the counter. Your hand is just there to prevent it from rolling away. The result should be a smooth taut upper with a little "belly button" under.
Or.... just come on over, I'll be happy to show you! (and yes bring some friends ;-)

Sara said...

Thanks Mags!

Karen - I'd love to come over for a bread tutorial! Thanks for the advice, I'm always nervous I'll be too rough with them and they'll deflate, or something.

Emmy said...

Hi Sara!!! Hope all is well with you. Those buns sound great. I love King Arthur Flour. Everytime their catalog arrives, Rob knows he'll get about 20 minutes of peace and quiet while I go through it page by page. LOL I am going to put this recipe on my to-try list.

Sara said...

Hi Emmy! Hope you are well too. I am so jealous you get the catalog, I can only imagine what kinds of great stuff must be in it. Thanks for visiting!