Sunday, July 06, 2008

Presto Pasta - Thai-ish Beef and Broccoli Noodles

I've really been craving Asian food lately - rice, noodles. I found a recipe to try the other night, but much like my last pasta dish for Ruth's Presto Pasta Night I struck out when I went to the grocery store for ingredients. I couldn't find the right noodles, the right sauce ingredients. By the time I was done, what I ended up with had little in common with the recipe I started out with. It's still a work in progress, but I'm pretty happy with what I've got so far.

Thai-ish Beef and Broccoli Noodles

serves 4

200g lean beef, cut into thin strips
2 tb oil
1/4 lb wun tun noodles (or noodles of your choice)
400 g broccoli, chopped into smallish bite sized pieces
1 tb (or to taste) black bean garlic sauce
1 tb oyster sauce
1 tsp cornstarch
1 cup water

Heat the oil in a large pan over medium high heat. Add the beef, and cook until the meat is about half cooked. Add the broccoli, black bean sauce, and oyster sauce. Stir the cornstarch into the water. Add to the pan, and cook until the sauce is thickened, and the broccoli is tender crisp. While the beef is cooking, cook the noodles, drain, and place on your serving dish. When the broccoli is ready, pour the beef and broccoli mixture over the noodles. Serve straight away.

Gay from A Scientist in the Kitchen is hosting Presto Pasta this week. Check with her for the round up on Friday!


Jenny said...

Looks good to me - what were you looking for, ingredient wise?

Pamela said...

Sounds tasty

Annie said...

Sounds delicious. I often think about trying Asian cooking, but I give up when I realize I don't have the right ingredients.

I hate to buy a whole bottle of sauce or paste if I very rarely use it. I don't know maybe I'm just too cheap! I should probably break down and buy it. :)

Sara said...

Jenny - the original recipe called for yellow bean sauce and fresh noodles, and it also had eggs in it, which I just didn't want to use.

Pamela - thank you! Glad to see your site up and running again.

Annie - I feel the same way, but some recipes sound too delicious not to try. I bet I've had the jar of garlic black bean sauce in the pantry for at least a year :P

Ruth Daniels said...

Sounds like a delish, dish to me. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

Deborah said...

I've been craving Asian food as well, and this sounds delicious!

test it comm said...

That looks good! I like black bean sauces.

A Scientist in the Kitchen said...

I love the Thai-ish word!

Lis said...

This sounds delish.. something both W and I would love. I look forward to hearing how you build upon it in the future. :D


Suzi Q said...

I just discovered you from July's NaBloPoMo! Looks like you've got quite a lot of delicious things to try! I look forward to visiting again!