Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Thanks to all of you who left comments and suggestions on my last post. The Swedish dinner is sort of coming along - I am on the search for side dishes/veggies now. Keep sending ideas/websites if you have 'em! Thanks!

Yesterday I went to 2 used book stores looking for ANYTHING Swedish. I was basically unsuccessful at both stores - all I found were a few recipes for Swedish Meatballs in some "Food of the World" type cookbooks. The second store was so cluttered and unorganized that I was there for nearly an hour. It was not a total bust; I did buy 2 books.
First is Skinny Feasts by Dee Hobsbawn-Smith. It looks brand new and still has it's original $20.00 price tag on the back. I got it for $1.99! Whooo! The other one is called The New Cook and I got that one for $5.99.
The hunt continues!

Don't forget the next Weekend Cookbook Challenge entry date is only two weeks away! The theme for the 11th edition of WCC is Party Food. So whip up anything party-like and email me (iliketocookATshawDOTca) by December 1.

See you on Friday for the letter F!


Tanna said...

Gosh, I think I'm also lacking a Swedish section in my cookbook library. I'll be interested in what you turn up.
I like the Skinny Feasts title.

Anonymous said...

How does the cookbook challenge work exactly? It looks like fun!

Happy Thanksgiving. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)

Lis said...

Hey looks like it wasn't a wasted trip, that's always good! I lurve the half priced bookstores and rarely do I leave without an armful of cookbooks. Gotta love that!

Thanks for the reminder of the WCC, with Thanksgiving I've forgotten about the fun stuff coming up! I look forward! :D

Anonymous said...

I love getting (or buying...) new books! =)
were there many nice things in there?

Jasmine said...

Hi Sara

If it hasn't been mentioned ad naseum, try to find a copy of Andreas Vierstadt's Kitchen of Light. Beautifully photographed and quite the variety of recipes. I'll admit that the vanilla halibut recipe is from you may want to pass on that one...


Sara said...

Tanna - I am looking forward to reading the book. Some of the recipes sound quite decadant, so I am interested in seeing how they can be "skinny".

Ari - I sent you an email!

Lis - Pretty much any trip to the used bookstore is a good one. See you at WCC!

Julia - the first bookstore had lots of good stuff, but the prices were a bit high I thought. The second one had way more older (microwave cookbooks, etc) books but they were alot cheaper.

Jasmine - thanks for the tip!

michelle said...

Well, my grandfather (all Swedish) liked to eat Lutefisk around Christmas, but, uh, you really don't want to make that. :)

I want to say peas are used a lot in Swedish side dishes and the like.