Monday, November 20, 2006

Swedish Meatball Dinner and a cry for help.

My parents are coming out for Christmas this year.
Last year at their house, my dad mentioned that one year he'd like to have a Swedish Christmas dinner. I've decided this will be the year.
However, I'm running into a brick wall. What do you serve at a Swedish Christmas dinner? Other than desserts, the only Swedish meals I know are Salmon (which I don't like) and Swedish Meatballs. Our community library doesn't seem to have any Swedish cookbooks and with Christmas coming I can't really afford to buy a new cookbook.
So my dear friends in the computer: can any of you help me? Do you have any suggestions for recipes or websites I could try?


Here's our first attempt at Swedish Meatballs which I have to say went very very well.I used Schneiders Oh Naturel! Meatless Meatballs because that's what we had, and I swear, you couldn't tell the difference. Scott didn't. And lingonberry jam is my new favorite jam. Who knew jam and gravy went so well together? Not me.

So anyway, if anyone out there can lend a hand, I sure would appreciate it.


KJP said...


I love Swedish meatballs! Never thought of having them for Christmas, but why not! I was first introduced to these in Sweden many decades ago, served over linguini (sp?) noodles - but not just any noodle, they were a homemade spinach noodle. I have seen both garlic and spinach noodles in specialty shops - either would be good.

At Christmas we had smoked salmon (lox) with toasted and buttered rye bread, asparagus, a tart potatoe salad (made with vinegar?) and some greens (sorrel?). I think we started with what may have been a cream of sorrel and spicy sausage soup. There was also other items I did not quite enjoy - ludefisk (sp?) being among the more smelly, mashed turnip, etc.

Please forgive my spelling, no checker on this comment processor!

peasantwench said...

"Good food from Sweden by Norberg, Inga." One great thing about the Calgary library is that they'll ship the books you want to your branch - I use it all the time. Just log in, find the books you want (I searched for Cookery, Swedish) and request a hold. They even call when the book arrives at your branch of choice.

Other than that? Next time you're at Ikea they have a book that they're selling that you can look though for ideas. But I'd use the library, but that's because I am, in fact, That Girl.

WhiteTrashBBQ said...

How about some Swedish Fish?

But seriously - try here...

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I don't know much about specifically Swedish food, but there is a whole slew of amazing food blogs linked in my sidebar. Perhaps one of their recipes will inspire you?

I hear ya on the no cookbook budget front. What about your local library? I'm always raiding my library for cookbooks to try!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Annie said...

Sara, Sorry I can't help with this one. I have never even had swedish meatballs. Whatever you make, I hope it turns out well.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

Sara, I would love to read more about your search for Sweedish cuisine. The only thing I have tried is Sweedish Meatball...

Good luck with your search and play in the kitchen!

Lis said...

Sara - talk to Ilva at Lucullian Delights. She's Swedish and I'm sure she would give you an excellent insight as well as share a recipe or two (she's a phenomenal cook!)

Good luck! I can't wait to hear what you finally came up with :D

breadchick said...

Hi Sara, I'll email a few recipes from a few books I have on Norwegian/Swedish/Dane/Finnish cooking. I'll also see if my mom's neighbor, who is Swedish, has any good recipes she will share.

Sara said...

kjp - thank you so much! that is a real help.

morgan - our branch didn't have anything, but i didn't think to check other branches. i'll do that this weekend. scott bought the ikea cookbook this week. everything has herring in it!

whitetrashbbq - thanks for the link, it looks great. maybe i could use the fish in the dessert somehow?

Ari - thanks I will take a look thru your links.

Annie - we had our Thanksgiving last month! You have a good one!

White Poplar - thanks!

Lis - thanks for the advice. I've sent her an email.

Mary - you're so great! Thanks!

peasantwench said...

The best part is you can do it online, right now. Go to the website, click on catelgue and search away! I think they had about 7 books on Swedish cooking. If you're feeling greedy (like I normally am about books) you can request all of them and they should be to you in a few days. I <3 the library.

Sara said...

Morgan, I just went online and requested a couple. Thanks again.

Meeta said...

Sara, I can only give you the idea of contacting Ilva over at Lucullian Delights or Anne at Anne's Food. Ilval is Swedish and lives in Italy.

Anne is also Swedish and lives in Sweden. I am sure they can help you out.

I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with ;-)

Anonymous said...

Swedish meatballs are one of my very favorite things, and lingonberry jam is so delicious. My mouth is watering!

Sara said...

Meeta, thank you very much.

IOF - Mine too! I would eat these every week if I could get away with it.

dayzella said...

Hey - stumbled here from elsewhere, but gl on the Swedish dinner. If you are still looking for recipes and dish ideas, try looking up "Julbord" on the internet.