Thursday, August 10, 2006

Vegas Part 1

I can't even start to tell you how much fun we had! It was a total blast and I'm so glad I went. I am slowly recovering and catching up on my sleep. My poor feet are still hating me - we did a lot of walking.

Thanks to all of you who left me suggestions on things to see and do. Unfortunately, I didn't see any of the comments before I left! But don't worry, I've got them filed away for next time. Oh yes, there will be a next time.

Here, have some pictures.

This was a section of a gorgeous wine cellar in a restaurant in Mandalay Bay. It was 3 or 4 stories tall, I forget which.

Border Grill restaurant. I've said for a few years now that when I go to Vegas I would eat here.
I didn't eat here.

Scott gets down to business.

The New York New York Hotel at night.
Statue of Liberty.
MGM Grand. There was a guy all dressed in black that had climbed up the side of the hotel on some scaffolding. I thought he was a worker at the hotel and was fixing something until the police came and hauled him away.
The Excalabur.
I think I took this from the walkway between New York and MGM.
Has anyone been to M&M World? We didn't go in, but almost everyone we saw on the street was carrying shopping bags from there.

So the first night in Vegas was crazy - we just went all over the place looking at everything. It was so hot there, and so loud and busy. I don't think anything can prepare you for how truly BIG everything is. We just kept going and going and drinking and laughing and stuff, and then the next thing we knew it was 4 in the morning. And we hadn't eaten since lunch. I can't remember which hotel we were in, but there wasn't much open for food. So my first meal in Las Vegas was...

A CHEESE DOG! God it was gross. But at four in the morning, beggars can't be choosers, huh?
This was my breakfast late (very very late) the next morning. After all that alcohol, it was the only thing I could imagine keeping down. And a very delicious frozen mocha frappuccino it was.


SweetSarahJ said...

Yeah, Vegas does that to you. You totally loose track of time, since there are no clocks anywhere. Whay would the casinos want to remind you how late it is, right? I'm glad you had fun. BTW, the M&M shop is ok. They basically have everthing M&M: tshirts, notepads, magnets, stuffed animals, etc. Also a huge wall of every colour M&M to mix and match, which you pay for by the pound.

peabody said...

I have had several friends eat at the Border Grill and said it wasn't that you aren't missing much.

Sara said...

OK then I'm glad we didn't go to the M&M place.
Peabody, thanks for letting me know that. It makes me feel a little better about not going.