Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'll show you mine if you show me yours #1

Cate at Sweetnicks says that you can learn a lot about a person by the state of their purse. Or wallet. Or car. And if those can reveal interesting tidbits about you, imagine what someone could learn from the state of your fridge! So Cate wants to know,what's in your fridge?

It's a question I don't really want to answer, but what the heck.
My fridge right now is a disaster! It's never really in good shape, but this past week has seemed to be an especially bad time.

On the top shelf - from left to right - we have some leftover tomato sauce being saved to baste a meatloaf being baked tonight, olives, hot dogs, margerine, mayo, mustard and I think a zucchini in a plastic bag.
Middle shelf - Ground beef thawing, baby carrots, a plastic bag of cheese from the cheese store, some yogurt, a cooler, and worcestershire sauce. I can see lots of condiments in the back peeking out too.
Bottom shelf - A bowl with 2 hard boiled eggs sitting on top of a container of soup. Behind the eggs, frapuccino mix, chicken broth and milk. A jug of water because I haven't gone to the water store to buy a new water bottle. More milk and more soup.
The worst part of the fridge - the door. How 2 people can have so many condiments, sauces, spices, jams and such is truly a mystery. Below the cheese slices I can identify some jam, hoisin sauce, green relish, an unopened bottle of curry mint sauce I totally forgot I have even though it's right in my face, and some tomato paste and anchovy paste in (separate) tubes.
Next shelf down - curry paste, mushroom finishing sauce, and 90000000000 bottles of bbq sauce, hot sauce and on and on and on.

Three things I always have in the fridge - milk, cheese and 90000000 bottles of condiments.

Three things I never have in my fridge - Kalamata Olives when I decide to make a recipe that calls for them, Molasses - because you figure out pretty quick not to store it in the fridge after you've done it once, and room for actual food amongst my 90000000 bottle of condiments.

O, the shame! Cate, thanks for the opportunity to show the internets the horrible state of my fridge! I hope there's at least one person out there who can beat me in the messy department.


AJ said...

Wow. That definitely puts my fridge to shame. I really ought to get some groceries - SOON.

kitchen hand said...

I had a clean-up and it's still a mess.

Incidentally, I thought I was the only one who used ninety billion or ninety million as a term of exaggeration!

peasantwench said...

Mine normally would beat yours, but we are trying to clean up so everything doesn't go rotten when we are on vacation. We have a side by side fridge/freezer (which is stupid, but it came with the house), and the top 3 shelves are soild condiment type things. Seriously. I don't know how they will ever get used up...
- Morgan

it's only fuel said...

I am just not brave enough to show any of you my fridge....there are things growing in an old strawberry carton that I keep forgetting to throw away!

Sylvie said...

Your's like mine. Not nerly enough space to hold those culinary goodies.