Thursday, March 24, 2005


We are enjoying our organic produce. Pretty much all that's left is some apples and oranges. I used the chard in this recipe for Red Chard and spinach Quiche. It was good, but it sure made a lot!

Last night for dessert we had mini angel food cakes with strawberries and whip cream. Yum.

I cooked a roast with yorkies and mashed potatoes the other night, but I over cooked the roast.

We are going to families house for Easter dinner this weekend. We have been asked to bring a veg, and we are leaning towards the good old green bean casserole. But not in that quantity.

I didn't see this recipe on the French's site, but here's a good chicken recipe made with french fried onions:
Brush chicken breast(s) with a nice mustard. Coat with french fried onions. Bake.

In the spring we think we might buy a smoker.

Have you checked Food Porn Watch today?

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Dawn Falcone said...

Thanks for visiting my site. My family are big fans of the brocoli casserole, which is very similar to the green bean variety. It ends up on the table at every holiday. Have a Happy Easter!!