Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Some Recipes and things

Christmas is fast approaching......

We haven't done much cooking lately, what with getting ready for the holidays, and what we have cooked have been simple things like beef dips, homemade pizzas etc. I did cook a ham on the weekend, one we had bought from Millarville, but I wasn't that impressed with it. I did the same glaze and cooking that I did on the Thanksgiving ham, but it was dry, and I am fairly sure I didn't overcooked it. Let's blame the ham, shall we?

My office has pretty much shut down for the holidays; most of the staff is still here, but there is not much to do. So, here are some links and stuff.

This crab cake recipe is what I'll be making on Christmas Eve. We've made it once before, and they were excellent. I love the spiciness of the peppers in the cakes and the Mayo.

Nigella's prawn cakes are GREAT.

Christmas morning, we will be having prosciutto and Brie rolls. This is from one of my notebooks. I think it may have come from Gourmet or Bon Appetit. The original recipe called for just prosciutto, but we likey the Brie.

Makes 4 large or 8 small rolls.

1 pkg Pillsbury crescent dough
Dijon mustard

unroll the dough, and separate into 4 squares. Press the perforations within the squares together with your fingers to seal. Lay a couple of pieces of the ham and cheese on the dough, and roll up. If you want 8 small rolls, cut each roll in half with a serrated knife. Press ends closed so no cheese escapes. Mix mustard and honey together and brush on top. Bake as directed on the Pillsbury package.

I printed off this recipe for Roasted Red Onions from Jamie Oliver ages ago, but have not made it yet. I should though.

Another Jamie Oliver recipe I'd like to make is this brunch bread, a grown up version of the above rolls, sort of.

I agree with the Exploding Chef that Delia Smith leaves much to be desired in the personality department. But doesn't this Onion and Goat Cheese Tart sound amazing?

I made this mini Beef en Croute Delia Smith recipe in the summer. It was good and very impressive-looking.

A couple of years ago, I searched the internet for recipes for Coal candy to make for Christmas. Here's one I might have to try next year.....

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