Sunday, November 03, 2019

my favorites in october

Here's a list of some things I enjoyed in October - 

On Netflix - 

 Brooklyn 99 - I really needed some laughs and I found them here.


In the basement - 

Dryer balls - years ago I bought some plastic dryer balls to try to cut down on using dryer sheets.  I say try because The Mister has always loved dryer sheets, even when I show him articles that they are not good to use.  The plastic dryer balls didn't last long before one of them broke open in the dryer which made me sad and mad because I spent a good amount of money on those bastards.
I recently bought some wool dryer balls and they definitely do speed up drying and reduce wrinkles.  I've been adding a few drops of essential oil to the balls before drying, but the clothes aren't picking  up the scent like other people say theirs do.  Could it be my oil?


In the kitchen - 

The kids continue their annoying eating habits of hating preeeeeeetty much everything we cook.  But this keto chicken parm pizza was a surprise win with both of them, and the adults too!


In Kamloops - 

We tried out  Shawarma Time on Seymour Street - this restaurant opened in September and is run by a family that came to Canada via the Syrian Refugee program.  The family is lovely and the food is delicious.  Service can be slow but be patient and enjoy your time.

We tried the chicken shawarma and the falafel.  It was all delicious.  
I hope these guys are around for a long time.

Here's 2 recent articles about the restaurant:


Cutting back on social media - The past many months have proven to me what I already should have known - social media is bad for my mental health.  Was being on social media to see pictures of my cousins kids, and stay in sporadic touch with relatives and friends outside of Canada worth all the negative feelings and emotions that bothered me from direct or indirect contact with other so-called "friends" on these platforms?  And what about the yoga videos and cooking sites I follow and love?  Was I willing to give up those?
I finally followed some advice I'd given to a friend (that she herself didn't follow - ha!) a while back - make your social media what you want it to be.  I unfriended and unfollowed people who I truly wasn't friends with in any real way; with old school mates, colleagues, friends of friends; all the ranty people; the people who post multiple times a day; the people whose beliefs were so different from mine that it made me immediately uncomfortable when their name popped up; the people I never really wanted to be "friends" with in the first place.
For those tricky folk/family who it would cause real trouble with to unfriend or unfollow?  I muted them instead - so we are still technically friends but I don't have to see anything that makes me feel sad, or excluded or hurt.
I kept the family and close friends, the local news and weather, the yoga and the food, the health news and podcast information.  The stuff I like, and the stuff that doesn't make me sad and spirally.
It's only been a couple of weeks since I purged it all, but I love it and I can see a real difference in how I feel after a facebook view.