Saturday, November 09, 2019

Cookbook Cleanup - Book 8 - Back in the Day Bakery

Book 8 in the Cleanup is Back in the Day Bakery by Cheryl and Griffin Day.

I got this one from the clearance table at the bookstore because my secret dream is to open a bakery and bake breads and muffins and cookies and sell them to the adoring public.

There is so much in this book - muffins, breads, pies, crackers.....There's also some arts and crafts sprinkled in the book - how to's for celebration banners, snack holders, and a chandelier made of marshmallows. 

I started with the Honey Nut Bran Muffins and almost right away 
found something that irked me.

The instructions tell you to preheat the oven, then a few lines later the recipe tells you to refrigerate the batter overnight.  what.  and.  how.


But!  Those muffins were delish!  I doubled the raisins and omitted the nuts and they were perfect.  I've made them quite a few times since.

I also made the Foccacia Bread, Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Shortbread and 
Icebox Pickles - so easy.

The Buttermilk Rolls were super  tasty, and the Bee Sting Honey was a fun new try for us - and we recommend drizzling it on a toasted buttermilk roll with some ooey brie cheese......

I definitely want to try the Apple Brandy Brown Butter Glazed Cake, and helllloooooooo Pimento Cheese Crackers........

Cookbook Cleanup results so far - Bookshelf -5  Donated - 3