Monday, June 03, 2019

Intentions - enough with the sugar already

So, how did I do on my 4 goals last week?

1.  No more ice tea - Not bad!  I had a bit more tea that I thought, but once it was gone, I switched to water and the no sugar no flavor no fun sparkling waters I bought.  HOWEVER, The Mister casually mentioned a few days in that I did indeed have some more tea in the basement.  I lasted another day and then opened it and drank it.  Hey, I can't waste it right????
But - I think I am doing pretty good with this one.

2.  No more ice caps - I am not doing as well with this one.

3.  Portion size - I think this has been going well.

4.  Moving every day - I did well until Thursday and Friday when The Boy and I both got sick.  Getting back on track.

I also tried a "detox tea" recipe I found online, allegedly from Jillian Michaels - where you mix dandelion tea, unsweetened cranberry juice and lemon juice and drink like 2 liters of it a day for 7 days, to lose up to 5 pounds of water weight.  I did that Sunday to Thursday, then missed Friday, Saturday due to illness and Sunday due to not having my shit together, so I will do the last 2 days today and tomorrow to finish my 7 days.

Well, am I down any pounds this week????
Down 2 pounds!

I am super happy with this as it was a sick/carb heavy weekend.  So, that 2 pounds is probably water weight I will promptly gain back this week.  :)

Goals for the week -

1.  Move the bod.
3. Make snacks healthy.
4. Lots of water.