Sunday, July 01, 2018

Intentions for July - Happy Canada Day!

 Happy Canada Day Y'all! 
I hope you are having safe fun out there.
Enjoy our beautiful country and be nice to everyone.


My God I cannot believe it's July.  Where is this year going?
I feel like I have been totally off the rails for the last long while - a year or more?  Life seems ok on the surface but I am struggling with everything.  I need to get back on track.  I WANT to get back on track.  But I don't know how.  Maybe starting back with intentions and the journal will help?

Intentions for July -

Move, every day.
I haven't been doing too badly with this the last little while.  I joined the Global Challenge with my work mates and it started at the end of May.  We all got step counters, which was good as my not very old Fit Bit bit it back yonder and I was mad at how NOT long it lasted so I didn't replace it.  I find the challenge very motivating and I look forward to entering my activities every morning.  So far it hasn't led to any sort of weight loss but that might also be because I need to -

Stop snacking.
Seriously.  Stop it.

Drink more water.

Get back on the yoga train.
I took a very long hiatus from yoga due to issues and I started back a few months ago.  While I am thrilled to be back to taking classes, I have not gained back enough strength and confidence nor lost any pounds to get me back to the (slightly) harder classes that I used to take and loved.  I want to get back to there.

Less time on the computer/phone, more time reading.

Be positive.  Be kind.  Be strong.