Friday, March 24, 2017

Sunday Dinner - Sausage Pie and Armenian Orange Cake

Both of these recipes came from Best of Bridge cookbooks from the 80's.  The pie 
especially had a retro feel, I thought.  It was fairly easy, and very tasty -
 the dough, unlike the Nigella Lawson savory pie I made a few months ago, uses
 the Pilsbury tubes of dough for the crust.  Simple.
It was a big hit, and I would make it again.

Dessert was an Armenian Orange Cake - something I've never heard of before.  
The method was what drew me to the cake - you make a crumb mixture out 
of the usual cake suspects - butter, flour, sugar etc with some orange zest thrown in, 
put half in your pan, and then to the rest you add sour cream and eggs, pour it over top,
 and bake.  It was good, but so rich.  So, so rich.  The kids were sort of meh 
on it, and The Mister couldn't even finish his one piece, but The Grandfather 
loved it so much he took all the leftovers home.  
I don't know if I would make it again, but that's just our tastes, nothing against the cake.