Friday, February 10, 2017

Sunday Dinner - Italian Wedding Soup, bread and brownies

My Mom had gone for lunch with some friends and had Italian Wedding Soup 
and really enjoyed it.  She eats a lot of soup, so they bought the canned 
variety and hated it (as I told them they would, but...), so I made some 
for Sunday Dinner for her.  

When we lived in Calgary we used to go to a restaurant that had very good 
IWS, and also gave you free bread when you sat down.  Neither of us can remember 
the name of it, and so I googled IWS and Calgary in case maybe the restaurant 
had been featured in a publication and it would jump out me, but no luck.  But, one from 
Toronto's Metro News showed up in the search, (?) so I went with it.

I never would have put carrots in IWS, but it worked, and it's extra veggies, 
so there you go.  The soup was easy to make and everyone liked it a lot. 
 The only thing I would change would be to make more meatballs.  You need lots.  
Recipe here.

I made a batch (2 loaves) of Cheddar and Onion Soda Bread.  Excellent.

We rounded out the above with some salad and sliced meat.  
All 3 in the titles were new recipes - the bread was cheese and onion soda bread from 
Paul Hollywood's very good book 100 Breads, and the chocolate peanut butter brownies 
were from Ships of the Great Lakes.