Sunday, January 08, 2017

Mighty Life List - Let's Get Crafty - Twig Snowflakes

Back in the Fall The Boy and I went for a walk to collect some twigs for a Christmas project - 
Twig Snowflakes. I can't find the website that I got my original idea from anymore, 
but if you do a google search you will be overwhelmed with choices. 

Anyhoo, we found a bunch - thin and long were what I wanted the most of, 
and one weekend morning while everyone was still sleeping, I make a bunch. 
It was super easy and fun and I felt a bit Martha-y afterwards. 

Look - a bunch of sticks! 

I wanted my snowflakes to be delicate, so I used the thinnest branches.  

The website that I got my inspiration from had used thin wire to bind the twigs together.
The wire that The Mister had was too thick and I am not co-ordinated, so it didn't go well.  
I was 3 minutes away from giving up when I realized I could glue them instead of using wire.
Goodbye wire!

I used 4 twigs per snowflake, and glued in levels, on both sides with a hot glue gun.  
It took hardly no time at all.

The only thing I wish I had done but hadn't was to buy some twine to tie around the middle.  I used thread on some, which was ok but not amazing, and I left some plain.  I think some thicker red or white, or green or striped twine around the middle would have been super cute.

I attached some string to the top of each and hung them in our window.  
I loved it!