Friday, July 15, 2016

Sunday Dinner - Mac and Cheese and Brownies

Another Sunday Dinner.  
This time I knocked it out of the park with Chrissy Teigen's Mac and Cheese.
I just love her book - everything we've made has ranged from good to amazing.  No real duds.
I must admit, I am a Kraft Dinner girl, having made mac and cheese from scratch only a handful of times in my life.  
But photos of Chrissy's M&C are all over Instagram and I just had to make it.

The recipe is super easy to make, once you get over the shell shock 
of how much cheese you have to buy.  
The garlic breadcrumbs are AMAZING.  They should be sprinkled on everything I eat.  
I made a half batch, and it was a good call as we had enough for 
4 adults and 2 kids with a bit leftover for lunch, 
and I had to only buy half the cheese in the world, not all of it.
This recipe is a keeper.

If you have her book, you'll see Chrissy talks a bit of smack about her husbands M&C.  
Here's a throwdown between the 2 recipes.  

For dessert I made Brooklyn Brownies out of Ten by Sheila Lukins, which were so delicious.  
I'd bought this book a few years ago for $5 at a bookstore. 
 I had no idea who Sheila Lukins was, but the book was in near perfect condition, and Bobby Flay had a blurb on the cover, so I figured why not.  
I've nearly got rid of it a few times over the years without trying anything from it, but I'm glad I hung on to it.  
I've got some more recipes marked to try for my Instagram cookbook test.  
If these brownies are any indication, this book will be a winner.