Saturday, July 30, 2016

Farmers Market July 30

I nearly made it out of the market without buying anything today. I resisted the zucchini, 
the pickling cukes, the gorgeous lettuces, the carrots and little potatos, 
but I could not say no to nectarines and cherries. 
We've bought cherries a few times this year, and they've been.....ok.... but these 
are the wonderful, deep flavored, meaty ones. Delicious! 
 We also bought 2 cookies - well, we bought one and The Grandparents bought the other - 
this one is a oatmeal raisin pumpkin seed, and it's darn tasty. 

Happy Saturday. When The Girl gets up from her nap, we are heading to 
Wal Mart (wheee.....) and then home for chores and salad for dinner.  
With mayyyyyyybe some ice cream for dessert.