Thursday, July 07, 2016

Book Club - The Tenth Muse - My Life in Food by Judith Jones

"Then she looked at me and asked: "Tell me, Judith, do you really like garlic?"  I couldn't lie.  Yes, I admitted, I adored garlic.  She looked so crestfallen at that moment that I was sure she felt a sense of finality about the wayward path her younger daughter had taken."

"Back in Paris, I reveled in the pleasure of being on my own.  I found cheap lodging at Hotel Lenox, four flights up, with one shared bathtub on the second floor, and I learned to enjoy a meal by myself with a half bottle of wine in the little local bistros.  I could really only afford one meal a day, so I had to choose carefully."

For the Summer Reading Club - An Autobiography or Memoir.
Why did I choose it for the Club?
It fit the category!  I bought this second hard last summer on holiday and hadn't
got around to reading it yet.  This gave me the push I needed.
It was a fun summer read - she has had a most interesting life!
I especially enjoyed reading about her childhood and early years on
 her own in France - what a dream.