Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The biggest food area I struggle in - after menu planning - is breakfast for myself.  It has to be portable and easily thrown together during the week, because I don't eat when I first get up.  I'm pretty much off "sweet" breakfasts like waffles or pancakes, and they are too much trouble 
to take to work, you gotta bring butter and syrup too.  
Cereal or toast are boring and don't usually fill me up until lunch.

If there's no cold pizza to be had, sometimes I'll have dinner leftovers, or a sandwich.  Why not?  

Last month I had a perfectly delicious breakfast courtesy of the leftover roasted peppers that I'd bought when I made Moussaka for Sunday dinner.  I'd used a layer of roasted peppers in the dish instead of the eggplant and it was divine.  The leftover peppers topped some toast, along with feta cheese, and some cayenne pepper that a kind soul had left in the kitchen at work. 
I had a version of this for lunch the next week, and I'm planning on buying another one of those jumbo jars of roasted peppers from Costco again soon for more.