Friday, January 01, 2016

Intentions for January

How things went in December:

Yoga every day -  Success.  I've taken classes 2-3 times a week, and done something at home every other day - some days just a savasana, or deep breathing, some days 10-15 minutes of poses, some days, although not enough - an hour or more.  I also learned the Wild Thing pose.  That made me feel so confidant.  Currently working on Crow Pose.  Not going as well.

Drink more water -  Meh.  Not as great as I wanted. 

Drink more smoothies -  Ha.  A complete failure.  I think I had 2 the whole month.

Read every day - Definitely better.  It can be hard to read with small children around, so I do my best.

Be grateful -  Not enough.

Be kind -  Not enough.

What I'm hoping to work on this month:

Yoga every day.

Water, water, water.

Dust off my fit bit  - somewhere I've got a basic one that counts steps and syncs with my computer to track it for me.  I've been meaning all year to look for it. 

Keep calm - I'm heading back to work this month.  :(
This is going to be upsetting and sad and stressful and tiring.
Here's hoping I don't completely fall apart.