Friday, October 09, 2015

Gasthaus on the Lake

Final Penticton post!
 Our last couple of days in Penticton were very very smoky from the fires. We'd planned to hang out at the pool on the last day, maybe go for one final walk, but we pretty much got up 
and started packing to try to get away from the smoke.
Of course packing up and jenga-ing the car took a while, and once we'd made a final stop at the butchers and farm stand, it was time to consider lunch on the road.
My parents suggested Gasthaus on the Lake in Peachland.

The restaurant was so charming -it has a spectacular patio area that I would have loved to sit at, but because of the smoke we sat inside.  The inside is pretty cool too - tons of wood and tchotchkes.  The have an enormous fireplace - truly gigantic - and a massive wine bottle drip candle.  Huge!

The Men both had the daily special.  Schnitzel, spaetzle, currywurst and caesar salad. 
This was a winner lunch.  The currywurst was THE BEST.  I must make it.

The Boy had a pizza and ate the whole thing.

If you are into special nights, you may want to check out Schnitzel Nights on Thursdays

And a Medieval Feast.  Sounds so cool.