Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tomato Sandwiches

I love when tomatos are good (and cheap!) at the markets. 

Tomato Sandwiches are one of my very favorite late summer foods, but there are rules. 

1.  The bread must be white bread.
It can be "cheap" grocery store bread (there is no such thing as cheap bread any more!) or fancy artisanal bread. White bread just works better and tastes better for a tomato sandwich.

2.  You must use butter AND mayo.
A very thin layer of butter, to keep the bread from getting mushy right 
away, and a slightly thicker layer of mayonnaise for flavor.  

3.  A light sprinkling of salt.
Just a smidge to enhance the flavors of the tomatos. 

4.  Slice your tomatos thinly.
Also, blot gently with paper towel so they aren't too wet.

5.  If you can handle it, some hot sauce.
Because yes.