Friday, November 23, 2012

Food photos - Kamloops

Some photos from 2012: 

Bannock from the Kamloops Farmers Market

Chicken Satay with cucumber salad, rice and spring roll, Canada Day, Riverside Park

Vietnamese Sub, Canada Day, Riverside Park

Vietnamese coffee, Canada Day, Riverside Park

Italian Peach cookie 

Little gem lettuce from Kamloops Farmers Market.  Perfect size for a salad for one.

Pasta and meatballs, front, and margherita pizza, back, from the Italian Festival

Sausage making demo at the Italian Festival

Pasta demo, Italian Festival

Fresh pasta, Fratelli Deli 


Chicken and waffles, Masa's Bar and Grill, Sun Peaks

A use for leftover candied bacon - pancakes topped with strawberries and candied bacon

Cornerstone sushi roll from the very delicious Cornerstone Restaurant, downtown Kamloops