Saturday, June 13, 2009


Summer arrived with a vengeance at the end of May while we were on holidays, and we've had hot sunny days ever since. Which is great for sitting in the yard, going for walks, and the garden, but the forests are so dry that now we are hoping for a couple of days of rain to dampen everything up. The weather forecasters, they lie and keep saying we'll get rain but we don't. The trees need it, as well as my poor brown lawn. And always the garden.

I had larger grander plans for the garden this year but I've hit a wall. I've got some seed potatos to plant this weekend (hopefully it's not too late) and I think that will be it. Maybe next year we'll get a little bigger.

We'll start our tour with the lettuce - red and green. The sun and heat fried them pretty bad a couple of weeks ago, but they bounced back.

The rhubarb. It looked so awful at the end of last year I didn't think it would come back. Looks nice and healthy.

Scott bought some small broccoli plants last month and so far they are doing very well. (we think the small plants popping up around them are sunflowers, so we're leaving them alone for now.)

Actual broccoli!

Our 2 tomato plants. The one at the front is called a Super Fantastic, and I bought it for the name alone. Frankly, it doesn't look so super right now. I think the back one is a cherry tomato.

We brought our rosemary inside last fall and it did quite well over the winter. It's not looking good now though, I don't think it likes being outside.

2 kinds of mint.

Dill, sage, and thyme.

Parsley, which was also a surprise comeback.


2 kinds of squash. One is a hubbard, one is an acorn.


Peas. If you enlarge the photo, I have helpfully circled the little buggers.

How's your garden?


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I have my most limited garden yet. Mostly it's basil plants 5 types. I went nuts with an eggplant plant; actually looks like it's sprouted an eggplant. Two pepper plants. One tomato. Wild fennel (volunteer). Mint on the other side of the fence.

Yours is lovely. Fantastic that you got great broccoli AND rhubarb.

Katerina said...

I know how you feel, my garden is SCREAMING for rain. Ahh.

I am interested that you grow broccoli, have you had success before? I am worried about bugs...

NKP said...

Looks great! You seem to have a good amount of space. Funny no rain in BC, I thought it rained all the time there.
I grow tomatoes and herbs mostly. Tomatoes in big pots along the fenceline, herbs in pots and in the ground. A few hot peppers too - I gave up on sweet ones as they got eaten by bugs.

are you gonna eat that? said...

I bought a Super Fantastic - based on its name too - for my first attempt at growing tomatoes in a patio container...

I'm also trying leaf lettuce in containers... How do you know when is the right time to harvest them?

Cindy Khor said...

guilty to say that my garden is actually full of weeds. maybe i should try planting some useful herbs instead.

Annie said...

I am so jelous! My yard has no sun and I have ground hogs... not a good thing for a garden!

I have given up on most things. I just have chives, mint and maybe basil if the ground hog doesn't notice it. haha!

Sara said...

Tanna - 5 kinds of basil! I am jealous. I have a nice looking basil plant on my kitchen windowsill, hoping I can keep it alive all summer.

Katerina - this is our first attempt at broccoli. Doesn't seem too fussy so far.

Natashya - they get lots of rain at the coast (Vancouver) but we are more in the middle of the province. Drier here.

Andree - this is our second time growing lettuce in pots. I haven't "harvested" anything off these ones yet as they got hit pretty hard by the sun and heat a couple of weeks ago, but with the other ones, I just waited until the plants were nice and healthy with lots of leaves, then just cut off what I wanted.

Annie - really? a groundhog? is that sort of scary? or just an annoyance?

natalia said...

Ciao ! What a beautiful garden ! I only grow some herbs on the terrace !!

foodiechickie said...


Karen Baking Soda said...

I'm growing basil from seeds and they actually sprouted! So proud! Now I have to do something like replant ack.. haven't got a clue.

Love your lettuce and the tomatoes, not to mention the broccoli that looks like broccoli!

Anonymous said...

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