Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Notebooks eight and nine.

Book 8 is where I gave up. I had so many full sized sheets of paper with recipes on them, and I was so tired of sitting on the floor surrounded by papers, trying to trim down the pages to be glued into various books. I gave in, bought a binder and in less than 30 minutes had a tidy book instead of a messy pile of papers.

Thai cashew chicken. Baguette. Hushpuppies. Jerk rub. Bbq sauce, chutney, dumplings. More cornbread.

This sorbet shooter recipe is from the American food network host everyone loves to hate - Sandra Lee. I think they sound yummy.

I don't remember who linked to this recipe for me to find, just that someone made it and loved it and recommended it. Portobella Mushrooms stuffed with Chipolte Mashed Potatos from What Do I Know?

This was a super tasty dinner and ridiculously easy. It's got lots of my favorites - roasted portobella mushrooms, mashed potatos, chipoltes. Yum!


Since I got rid of so many papers with Book 8 I did the same for Book 9. The floor by my cookbook bookcase hadn't been that clean in a long time.

I can't wait to try that teriyaki meatloaf. Teriyaki anything is a favorite of mine. Years ago if I was alone and needed a fast meal I used to microwave a potato until soft, then spread it with butter and teriyaki sauce. My metabolism doesn't allow meals like that anymore.

Sandra Lee haters, avert your eyes! I have a couple of her recipes in here, including her Crispy Orange Beef, which beat out Rachel Ray in one of my smackdowns.

Now that we no longer live near an Ikea (sob!) I must make my own Swedish Meatballs. But I haven't yet.

This one is from Lisa.

I don't know what book I copied this Provencal Gratin in. Brown rice, onion and zucchini, baked with cheese. Provencal, indeed.


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Portobella Mushrooms stuffed with Chipolte Mashed Potatos: That's for me!!
Such a neat nic you are Sara.

natalia said...

I'd love a peak in your books sara they are fantastic !

Mags said...

That bottom rice dish looks delicous! I want a piece of that please!!!

Sara said...

Tanna - well I try. I like things to be tidy. Most of the time.
Natalia - thanks!
Mags - it was so good! Rice and cheese mmmm. I would add tomato if I made it again.