Sunday, March 22, 2009

Notebook Seven - Juicy

I titled this one Juicy because - wait for it - this book is FULL of juice and smoothie recipes.

What it doesn't have is a table of contents! I'll have to remedy that next weekend.

Mmmmmm, I'd forgotten all about this pineapple recipe. Must make soon.

I really like cornbread and this book has a Cooking Light recipe for it. And a vegan recipe for it. And 2 other vegetarian ones. I like cornbread. Sweet and sour meatballs. Soba noodle salad. Enchilada casserole.

I had to pick a juice recipe to try. In my kitchen were some apples, grapes and a juicer. Perfect for the Apple and Green Grape Juice from Canadian Living.

Juice 3 granny smith apples, 1 cup of green grapes, and 1 thin wedge of lemon, no rind.

This is supposed to make 4 servings but Scott and I greedily drank it down in minutes. If you did split this into 4 servings, you'd get 64 calories, no fiber, no cholesterol, and 10% of your vitamin C. I love nutritional info with recipes.

And then I found a second recipe in the book that continued on the Juicy theme - Welsh Rarebit. But different from others that I've eaten and made before. This one has no cheese sauce, only melted cheese and also has a luscious layer of mango chutney. Yum!

I made this for weekend breakfast. I upped the mango chutney - 1 teaspoon per bread slice is simply not enough! - and didn't measure the cheese.

This what good, but if you're like me, a dish like this has to be eaten quickly. I hate melted cheddar after it cools, all flabby and greasy. Like some people I know. Hee!

Next week, book 7. A recipe from a blogger, and one from Jamie Oliver.


Sara said...

Nice! I think I will make that cheese toast for my missus soon. And the pineapples and carrots too!!!

Anonymous said...

Grape and apple juice sounds amazing Sara. I really must buy a juicer.

Sara said...

Thanks both of you, Lynn you should get one! There is nothing that can beat a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

NKP said...

I love my juicer - I don't remember to use it often enough - your juice sounds like the perfect thing to wake you up in the morning.

Annie said...

You're so good... being so organized like that! I keep telling myself I will be someday ;) ha,ha

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Such a very neat notebook this one is.
Apple and lemon, totally that a winning combo. So pretty.