Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Books, books, beautiful books

And a terribly awful picture.

I went to a used book sale last week and scored big time in the cookbook department. They had so much cool old stuff there, I could have spent hours and tons of money. But I restrained myself and came away with 4 cookbooks, 3 magazines and one leaflet.

The copy of Diet for a Small Planet is in great shape but well read, with lots of notes on the recipes; changes, suggestions, even some "X"'s right though recipes!

Just look at the cover of Time Life's The Good Cook Snacks and Sandwiches! This one has lots of bread dough recipes which appeals to me as I am getting more comfy with dough in the kitchen. And also? In Chapter Two, in addition to "A Practical Approach to Canapes" and "Ingenious Tactics for Garnishing" there's also a section on "A Lustrous Finish of Aspic". Be still my heart.

Also from Time Life is The Good Cook Pasta. This one looks good, with pretty much every type of pasta you can imagine. Ruth! I'll never miss another Presto Pasta Night again!

From way back in '72 comes Family Circle Illustrated Library of Cooking Volume 3 Bur-Buy featuring penny wise dinners, meaty money stretchers and meat stretching secrets!

I got the rest for free; ompany Meals and a 1970 Good Housekeeping Magazine called Company Meals and buffets; an Agriculture Canada publication on Home Baked Bread; the July 1982 issue of Cuisine Magazine, and a Gourmet magazine from August 1985. Jesus they had a lot of cigarette ads in magazines back then.

Stay tuned for some aspic covered meaty-stretched (ew!) deliciousness soon!


breadchick said...

Yea for cookbooks found at a used book sale!! I love finding things like the '72 Family Circle or the Good Housekeeping magazine!! How much fun to put new cookbooks (to you anyways) into a new house!!


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I get lost in those places without my husband. If he's along I have a limited time - read that short time. Great fun!

Ruth Daniels said...

What a wonderful find!

And Sara, I'm going to hold you to that - Presto Pasta that is!!!

Peabody said...

I love finding cookbooks on sale...especially ones I have never heard of.