Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Vlasic Giveaway

Thanks to all of you who entered my picnic basket giveaway. I got tons of wonderful entries.

The winner of the basket is........


Sinikka wrote a very sweet email to me. She said:

This will sound corny, but I would invite my deceased Mom on a picnic, and have the whole family there so she could meet our children and first grandchild! As this is a picnic, I would make some strawberry slushies to bring along and a big jug of homemade iced tea. Of course there would be some cold salads, a pasta salad with salmon and dill; potatoe salad with dill, mustard, sour cream, bit of mayo and pickles. There is a favourite bakery in Coquitlam where I would purchase buns, rye bread, and their cranberry/walnut bread. As our family has so many different tastes, we would make our own sandwiches with the bread & buns. I would have BBQ'ed (sorry, my husband would have BBQ'd) a couple of whole chickens the day before and we would cut them & slice them for sandwich meat. From the farmer's market would come tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and peppers which would have been oven roasted the day before. From our fridge would come mayo, pickles & mustard to complete the sandwiches. As cookies are loved by everyone in our family, there would be homemade double chocolate cookies and ginger snaps, along with fresh fruit galore for dessert. The day would be sunny and everyone would have a wonderful time getting to know my Mom, their grandmother and great grandmom.

I thank you for opportunity to just sit down and write this at a moment's notice. Tomorrow I shall tell my grandson about his great grandmom.

Congrats, and thank you! I hope you enjoy your goodies.

Thanks also to Brenna and Vlasic for the goodies to give away!