Thursday, June 07, 2007

Asian Night Market

The weather here in Calgary has finally wised up and this past weekend the place to be was definitely outside. On Saturday we headed downtown to the Olympic Plaza (where Medal Presentations were held during the 1988 Winter Olympics) for the Asian Night Market.

The market was modeled after busy markets in Asia, and the Plaza was packed full of vendors selling clothes, toys and games, art, and food, of course. There were fortune tellers, karaoke, henna tattoos, and table tennis demonstrations as well as dance performances and lively music.

Two dragon boats were on display in the wading pool, which was full of kids and adults. It was a very warm night.

The food was going fast, but we managed to get our hands on a plate of spring rolls and rice.

Both were great, but I was a little sorry that we missed out on both the sushi and a curry dish we heard people exclaiming over.

We checked out the tea house and the ice cream stand (the green tea ice cream was delicious!) and all the snack stands. We tried a few treats and the Tam Tam crackers (Crab flavored) were our favorite. Funny though, they didn’t taste at all like crab!

We left before dark but heard that the Chinese lanterns strung around the park would be lit and more music would be played before the night was closed out with an outdoor showing of a classic King-Fu film. Judging from the large crowd there when we arrived and the even larger crowd by the time we left, the market was a hit.


breadchick said...

Sara that sounds like great fun!!

tigerfish said...

Tam Tam - reminds me of my childhood snacks! I think they just use some kind of crab extract to flavor the snacks, right?

Was it at night? It's still so bright. Is this a weekly market?

Sara said...

Mary - it was pretty fun.

TF - They didn't taste like crab at all, and there was no ingredient list, so I have no idea. But they were good. The market ran from 4 pm to midnight. We were there from about 6-8, but it doesn't get dark here until almost 10.

Lis said...

Oh man that sounds like a blast! I wish something like that happened around here! And you've given me a hankerin to go visit that really cool Asian market we discovered this past winter.

Glad you guys had fun =)


peasantwench said...

Man, there is so much happening in this city - half the good stuff you don't hear about until afterwards!

Sara said...

Lis - I love shopping in Asian markets, they have the best stuff. I'm going to have to make a trip to Chinatown soon.

PW - we only heard about it that morning - they need to advertise this stuff better.