Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sandwich Week! Day Seven

For Day 7 of Sandwich Week! I am combining a sandwich and a review. Our 7th sandwich was made at home and found at Crete Souvlaki Restaurant, and it is ....

The Chicken Souvlaki Pita.

Everyone has that restaurant...that restaurant that you always drive by, or hear about that makes you say "I'm gonna go there" and you never do. For me that restaurant was Crete Souvlaki, and after too many years of driving by and talking, I've finally been there.
Crete Souvlaki is located on 17th Avenue SW in Calgary in a gas station. Yup, a gas station, and it has some of the best Greek food I've had in a long time. They are open 7 days a week, late on weekends for eat in and take out. They only have 3 tables and a handful of stools at a small counter, so take out is probably best if you live in the area. We don't, so we ate in and shared the Chicken Souvlaki Platter. For under $10 with a drink, we got 2 plates of food (!) and all of it was delicious.
A big pita full of chicken, veggies and lots of garlicky tatziki. The pita was freshly grilled and nice and soft. The sides were an insane Greek salad, rice and wonderful lemon potatos. I'm sad that we no longer live nearby, but if you do, check it out.

Crete Souvlaki Restaurant
2623 17 Ave. SW.

It's so easy to make souvlaki at home. Here's our recipe for our marinade. We use it on chicken, pork and beef. Let the meat marinate for at least an hour or two, but overnight in the fridge is better.

Souvlaki Marinade

This is good for about 1/2 - 3/4 lb of meat. Cut the meat into cubes or strips, whatever you prefer.

3 tb olive oil
3 tb lemon juice
1/2 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp hot pepper flakes
3 garlic cloves, finely minced

Whisk the marinade together, then add in the meat and stir to coat. Let sit as long as you can. If it's more than an hour or so, chuck it in the fridge.

This day we marinated some pork tenderloin overnight.

When it was done we folded up in pita bread with tatziki, chopped tomatos and some red onion.

It's goooood.

Daily Question - What ingredient/ingredients should NEVER, in your opinion, be in a sandwich?

Trivia Question 7 - Name two traditional greek meals/dishes.

OK, Sandwich Week! is over. Here's a recap of the 7 Trivia Questions.

1. Name the store/restaurant that created the Muffuletta.
2. What is another name for cilantro?
3. New Orleans Square in Disneyland was opened in what year?
4. Tomatos are referred to as a vegetable, but they are really a fruit. What is the difference between a fruit and a vegetable?
5. What is the official Pepper of Texas?
6. What does antipasto mean?
7. Name two traditional greek meals/dishes.

Email your answers to me at iliketocook at shaw dot ca. You have until midnight tonight. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning.

Thanks for joining me for Sandwich Week!. Hope you enjoyed it. I did; I think there may be more theme weeks in our future!


peasantwench said...

Anchovies. And I love anchovies. We buy the jumbo jars at Lena's and go through them fairly quickly. John's favourite pizza involves anchovies, mandarine orange slices, feta cheese and some honey (better than it sounds!). I cook them in pasta sauce all the time. But they just seem so WRONG on a sandwhich.

This has been fun!

breadchick said...

I completely agree with peasantwench; anchovies...

And how come I ALWAYS get some 20 letter robospam thingy that makes me have to type in my comment 2x before I finally get a short one I can type in ;-) This last one spelled Bufbumey...kinda interesting.

Sabrina2u said...

I agree with peasantwench and breadchick about anchovies.

But I don't think that Fried foods should go on sandwiches, i.e. Onion rings, fried zucchini etc.

I just think that makes the sandwich to oily and to heavy.

This has been so FUN!!!

Sara said...

I agree with the 3 of you on the anchovies and fried stuff (although I do like fried green tomato sandwiches). My two cents for what shouldn't go on a sandwich ever is quince. Gah!

Brilynn said...

Vegemite. It's just not good. I tried to like it, but it's not good.

Mike said...

Wow, anchovies. I never thought about it, but I have to disagree (I do that a lot), I think they sound delicious. Just off the top of my head, creating a sandwich with pizza-type ingredients, fresh tomato, cheese, green bell pepper, oregano, maybe some basil and the bread spread (lightly,please) with a mashed-up anchovy and olive oil. You could even toast it up.

Oh, and this has been A LOT of fun, thanks Sara.

foodiechickie said...

You posted all of my favorite sandwhiches! They were enjoyable to read!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Rock candy doesn't belong in a sandwich!
I loved this Greek sandwich!

Judy said...

Love the blog.

I *heart* sandwiches, so I have really dug the last couple posts. It's been a while since I've had a good souvlaki sanwich, and your photos look great. The panini below looks fantastic too. I love paninis, and if I had to pick one sammie for the rest of my life, it would be a panini with prosciutto, salami, cheese, roasted red peppers, olive tapenade, and maybe some onion. Yum.

Sara said...

Brilynn - I've always wanted to try that, but I am too chicken.

Mike - I will agree that if you are a big fan of anchovies, that would be good.

FC - thanks, glad you liked it!

Tanna - you win for most origianal ingredient to not go on a sandwich.

Judy - thank you so much!

Lis said...

It was a fantastic week and you've given me lots to drool over! You've also made me crave sammiches! lol We're trying Monte Cristo sammiches tonight!

Congrats to Bril on winning! Yay!


Zack said...

All this food looks great! I would like to grab one of those counter stools and order all of it!