Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bits and Bites

This week was a long tough week. I worked a lot of overtime, but when I left work yesterday it still looked like a bomb had gone off in my office.

The highlight of the week? Yesterday afternoon two of my coworkers and I snuck out of work when my boss wasn't looking and drove to Marble Slab Creamery in Chinook Mall. I actually tried something different this time. I highly recommend the Cheesecake Ice Cream.


Last week at the market I bought some edible flowers. The lady I bought them from suggested in addition to using them in salad to try them in a sandwich or on a pizza. I have done none of those things and they are still in my fridge.

This morning at the market I bought a bag of borage flowers. I have seen these included in recipes for Pimms. This afternoon I made myself a Pimms with Borage flowers. It didn't taste any different, but it was pretty.


In my second Vegas post I mentioned that I am not crazy about buffets. You'll be happy to hear that I have eaten 4 meals at buffet restaurants this week.


Calgarians, the Community Natural Foods store by Chinook is selling bags of peeled frozen organic bananas for $2.00. Perfect for baking or smoothies.


I went to Shoppers Drug Mart this morning because they were having a sale on paper towel (I know! My life could not be more exciting!). They had Thai Kitchen soups on 5 for $3.00. I grabbed 5 but when the cashier was ringing them thru, they were showing up as their original price of $1.20. I asked her about the sale so she sent someone to check it out. While we were waiting she told me that if the display showed they were on sale, I'd get the soups for a penny each. I laughed, assuming it was a joke. Sure enough, the display had the sale price and the cashier really did charge me $0.05 for all 5 soups. SCORE!


Tanna said...

Surely that Pimm's would have tasted fabulous - it looked so beautiful.

Claire said...

THose soups look really interesting. Are they available in most areas or are they a local thing? BTW, the cheesecake ice cream is great at marble slab. I just can't bring myself to eat there thinking about how "good" it is for me! :-)

peabody said...

It does look pretty.
Way to score on the soup...sadly stuff like that excites me too.

Sara said...

Tanna - Pimms and I took a break from each other for a while, but happily we are back together. It was delicious.

Claire - As far as I know the Thai Kitchen stuff is avaliable everywhere...

Peabody - Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.

peasantwench said...

Hee - I've never eaten there (I'm sadly lactose intolerant) but John designed the layout of that store, though they modified the street enterance.

That Thai Kitchen stuff is surprisingly good for packaged food. I like the Pad Thai sauce.

Jasmine said...

Cheesecake ice cream...

Today I was flipping through Nigella's Forever Summer and found a recipe for cheesecake ice cream...I'm adding it to my list of flavours to try :)


Pam said...

I really like the Thai Kitchen stuff, what are the soups like? I've never seen them here, only the curry pastes and noodles..

Sara said...

Morgan - I've never tried their pad thai sauce. I'll have to keep an eye out.
Jasmine - I went to a very fancy Christmas dinner a few years ago and they had cheesecake ice cream for dessert. It was the most incredible thing. I've never seen it again until Friday. This wasn't as good, but I'm not complaining.
Pam - I like the soups - especially the curry. They are pretty good for calories and fat content considering they're packaged.