Thursday, August 31, 2006

August Movies

Here's something new I may or may not continue on a monthly basis - a list of all the movies I've watched that month.

My stellar reviewing system will include Yes (if I liked the movie), No (if I didn't) and possibly Eh (if I'm ambivalent). It will also include an "R" if I've seen the movie before.

Fantastic Four NO!
Lords of Dogtown Yes
Dave Chappelle's Block Party Yes
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Yes
The Squid and the Whale Yes
Fun With Dick and Jane NO!
Something The Lord Made YES!
Billy Elliot Yes
Memoirs of a Geisha eh
Hustle and Flow (R) Yes
Transamerica Yes
Roll Bounce (R) Yes. A movie about rollerskating? With a skate off? What's not to love?


Reel Fanatic said...

You may just be the most efficient movie reviewer I've ever come across .. just wanted to echo your big thumbs up for Roll Bounce .. I had no idea what to expect from that one, but was thoroughly entertained! I hadn't heard of Something the Lord Made, but with your ringing endorsement, I'm surely gonna find out more about it

Claire said...

I absolutely LOVE Something the Lord Made. We had to watch it during gross anatomy lab my senior year in college. I did NOT think it would be any good...boy, was I surprised! I like this idea...keep doing it!

Sara said...

hi reel fanatic, thanks for your kind words. I hope you do look into Something the Lord Made, it's very well done.

Claire - thanks!