Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Stuff and Millarville

Holy crap, it's hot here. We're on about Day 4 of Operation: Heatstroke Calgary. On my way home from the gym today it was 34'! That's like 93' for you fahrenheit people. That's hot for Calgary. I got a very bad sunburn on ONE arm on the weekend. I'm a peeley, multi-colored mess. How do you sunburn one arm? You take the chair in the shade, except it's not completely in the shade. Then you drink steadily for 6 hours so you can't realize your skin is on fire.

Our good car luck continues. Scott phoned me from work yesterday afternoon to tell me someone had shattered the back window of his car. Nothing was taken which means it was probably stupid kids. We spent 2 hours cleaning it up and soon get to spend $325.00 to have the window replaced. Fun.

On the up side, Millarville opened on Saturday! We were there bright and early, along with tons of other people. We noticed a few missing vendors and some big gaps between tables. Hopefully they'll fill right up soon.

Scott has been dreaming about having a Back Bacon on a Bun for breakfast since the market closed last year. He wasn't disappointed. It was tasty.
I love these signs! They are so kitchy.

Our small haul. In the paper bag are 17-grain garlic sticks, then farmers sausage. The evil sausage people were handing out samples and it was darn tasty. That big pack cost us under $5.00. 3 red peppers for $2.50, organic rhubarb, cherry tomatos and regular tomatos from Whiskey Creek Tomatos, the best tomatos I have had since leaving BC, and a small basil plant.


Pamela said...

I can empathize with you regarding the temperatures, it's been hoving around 30° (and on average 80%humiditiy) here for about two weeks. It doesn't matter how long I live here I will never get used to these temperatures. Being Scottish I'm built for rain.

I also LOVE farmers markets!!

SweetSarahJ said...

Mmmm... I love back bacon. I'm missing a lot of Canuck goodies down here in La La land. I'm making a trip back home to T.O. and I planned it to be during the C.N.E. so I can load up on Peameal sandwiches, beaver tails, Tiny tim's donuts.... yum.

And Happy Canada Day to you too!

Jasmine said...

Every once in a while you get the most perfect backbacon sandwich from the market or the town fair--the memories live on and you keep looking for another to match it.

For me, it was a grille back bacon and onion sandwich at the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival a few years back...

oh look, I'm drooling...