Sunday, June 04, 2006


One of my favorite places to shop is Planet Organic in South Calgary. I stopped there after work the other day and went on a little spree. I love the store. The staff are friendly and very helpful. They sell a ton of organic food, obviously, and lots of vegatarian stuff and environmentally friendly cleaners and household items.

Starting at the bottom, here's what I got:
2 whole wheat pizza crusts
whole wheat foccacia
organic whole wheat flour
organic cornmeal
organic apples
2 bags of orzo
2 bottles organic lemonade
sprouted beans
vegan pepperoni
spinach and feta hummous
kidney beans
cheddar and beer kettle chips
soy sauce

What will come from all this goodness? Wait and see...


Pamela said...

That all sounds great!

WOW, I've never heard of cheddar and beer kettle chips, is it a new variety?

Sara said...

I had never heard of them before either. We haven't tried them yet.

peasantwench said...

You know what else is great from there? The apple cider. Sure, you can sometimes buy it at regular places, but it costs $13 at a normal store and $7 at Planet Organic. So good.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

Hmm, I bet you ate that falafel soon after you took this picture so I'm pretty sure I know what came from that (and I hope we don't see it LOL).

I'm so jealous. I do have a local place with a decent selection of organic foods (for a small semi-rural area) but the freshness is sometimes questionable.