Sunday, August 14, 2005

Tango Restaurant

Another really great meal we had that has no pictures was at Tango Restaurant in Kamloops, BC. It's a tapas restaurant in the industrial area of the city. We drove by it about 5 times in the days before we went there and I never noticed it. It's a dark narrow restaurant with an open kitchen so you can see all the action. They have 10 or so tables, a long bar with stools and a beautiful patio with tons of flowers and fountains.

There were four of us for dinner - our hosts had been there before. We decided to get 4 appetizers and then see how hungry we were. I chose the "Pollo ajo", pieces of chicken breast simmered in "a rich garlic sauce". This was definitely the poorest dish of the evening. I won't say it was bad; it wasn't. It just didn't live up to our expectations. When you see that something is simmered in garlic, you expect to taste the garlic, don't you? Enough said. We also had the "Satay Sampler" which was a skewer each of spicy mint chicken, bbq duck, teriyaki salmon and adobo pork, served with a citrus herb raita dip. This was pretty good, although the duck was my least favorite. We tried the "Tomato salad" of tomatos, bocconcini and basil. But my very favorite was the "Bruschetta" of chorizo, scallops and chimichurri sauce on bread topped with Parmesan. Words can not describe how good it was. Big slices of tender scallop, spicy chorizo. Wow.

You'd think that that would have been enough food, but no, we got some more. We shared the "Prawnology" which was a huge plate of prawns done 4 ways - some wrapped in prosciutto, some battered in tempura, some wrapped in a sweet potato dough, and some broiled with a lemon sauce. All were mighty fine. We also shared the "Asian Platter" that had sweet potato patties, sweet chili wings, tempura prawns, spring rolls, 5 spiced duck breast, and stir fried bok choy and pineapple.

It was a great dinner and also a very reasonable one - I didn't pay the bill, but all that food was only in the $80.00 range. I look forward to the next time I am in Kamloops - I will be right back at Tango as soon as I can.

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