Sunday, February 20, 2005

Vietnamese Lunch

Today Scott and I went and did some errands. When we were almost done, Scott said he wished he could have a Vietnamese sub for lunch. (See earlier post called Our Food Day to read about the best Vietnamese sub shop in the world.) There were 2 Vietnamese restaurants in the area we were in, and one was open. So we had lunch at Shawnessy Vietnamese Restuarant.

We split a chicken satay sub and a number 11 - bbq pork, spring rolls and rice vermacelli. Service was awful. There seemed to be lots of people working in the place, but not much getting done. Our food came at different times, so we had eaten half of the #11 before the sub came to the table. What's up with that? We weren't the only table that happened to though. Anyways, food was pretty good, sub wasn't quite as good as the one from Trung Nguyen, but nice. #11 was good, lots of mint mixed in with the lettuce and sprouts, but the pork could have been better. Scott and I have made a pact that the next time we go for Vietnamese, we will both have something we've never tried before. Scarey!