Friday, February 25, 2005

Big T's BBQ

Here is a write up on Big T's BBQ.

I love barbecue.

There are very few bbq restaurants around here, but Big T's has opened a shop on MacLeod Trail. A couple of weeks ago, some work guys and myself went over for lunch. The place is very nice, lots of wood and decorated with some blues memorabilia. When we pulled up you could smell the wood from the smoker. Heaven!

I was trying to decide between the brisket sandwich and the pulled pork sandwich. Someone spotted the Big T's platter. For $40 you get a platter with brisket, pulled pork, ribs, half a chicken, rib ends and andouille sausage with slaw, beans, fries and cornbread. We got that. And some deep fried pickles to start.

It was good, certainly enough for the 4 of us, it might have even fed 5 or 6. 4 things I wasn't crazy about:
1. Service. I know I complain about this a lot, but I used to be a waitress. I know how to do it. It was not busy enough to justify that slow of service.
2. The beans were god-awful. Terrible. I can't believe they even served them.
3. The sauces. Except for the mustard sauce, they need work.
4. The rib ends. They did not taste good.

But, definitely worth it, and definitely somewhere to go back to.

And so I did. The next weekend Scott and I went for lunch. Everyday day they have a lunch special. You can have the brisket or pork sandwich with one side for $6. Good deal. I got the brisket with hushpuppies, Scott had the pork with mashed potatos. The brisket was nice and tender, with a very faint smoky flavor. The hushpuppies were out of this world! So nice and soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside, and served with a side of honey for dipping. The pork sannie was so good - nicely cooked and served with slaw in the bun. I had told Scott not to get the beans as they were so terrible last time, but his came with a small bowl. They were marginally better than the first time I'd been there. A really nice lunch, although I wouldn't have minded if both meats had more of a stronger smokey taste.

I asked if they had a website; they don't but they gave me a menu to take home. I can't wait to go back again. Scott has his eye on the catfish po boy, and I want more hushpuppies!

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Liz said...


I agree with you about Big T's. I was so happy to see BBQ this far "not South" that I almost cried. Well, not quite but I was still pretty happy.

I thought the service was bad too. Although I've only been to the one on Crowchild in the NW. Jason and I went awhile back and since I'd never been I made him order the platter. WOW! That's a lot of food.

The leftovers were great though. I had a bbq sauce at home that we poured over all the different meats and we ate it on a bun. YUM!