Thursday, December 02, 2004

Orzo, and then Burritos

Sunday night, I made Orzo with Goat Cheese and Ham from my November issue of Gourmet.

It was very good, very fast to make and I love recipes that have few ingredients. Halved the recipe, as there are only 2 of us, and there was still enough left over for Scott's lunch the next day. Only downside - he said it didn't taste as good after being microwaved.

Last night I made Pan Fried Bean Burritos also from the November issue of Gourmet.

While the overall outcome was good, I did some pretty dumb things along the way. While roasting the peppers,onions, garlic and tomatos, I burned myself when my hand slipped. Then, I cut my finger while cutting up the peppers. I couldn't find a seranno pepper, so I used whatever kind of pepper it was that Sobeys's was selling the other day. Since the pepper was one of those funny shaped ones that make it hard to half and seed, I used my fingers to get the seeds out. I don't know what that pepper was, but damn, it was spicy. The salsa was so hot, it was almost inedible. And I didn't have any more tomatos to calm it down with. The last straw for me was that, after washing my hands, I touched my face near my nose, and my skin felt like it was on fire for the better part of an hour afterwards. AND, I forget to put the cheese in the burritos too!

But, other than all that, they turned out fine; I would definitely make them again. The reviews after the recipe mention that they all found the salsa to be bland. Well, not ours, but maybe next time, if we do it right, we may have to "jeuje" too.

On my to-do-list - buy more band-aids, and some rubber gloves.

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