Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Shrimp "Fritters"

This weekend we made an antipasto platter of olives, bread, ham, 2 cheeses - Brie and Gruyere, tomato slices with lemon basil, olive paste, and those eggplant rolls stuffed with cheese and tomatos.

I am seriously addicted to those eggplant rolls. They are so good I hate to share with anyone, including Scott, when I buy them.

We also made "shrimp fritters" from Nigella.

We sort of fudged the recipe a bit. But were they ever GOOD!

We peeled, deveined and chopped up some shrimp (probably 3/4 cup chopped.) We mixed it with some chopped green onions, 2 cloves garlic chopped, salt and pepper, sherry, and some flour, and then added some water to make a thickish batter. We let it sit until we were ready to eat, then heated up a couple of inches of oil, and made patties of a little less than a soup spoon at a time. They only took a couple of minutes a side. Scott made a spicy Mayo while I wasn't looking.

They sure were a hit. They only bad thing was that I didn't think to take pictures until they had all been eaten! Oh well, I know for sure we will make them again.

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